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You are about discover the secret world of Mystery Shopping! Join 1000's of others - people just like you - who are already Secret Shoppers. Secret Shopping is paid work that's hugely enjoyable and it suits most lifestyles. It offers a huge range of lifestyle benefits:


  • FREE NIGHTS OUT: When Secret Shopping, you might for instance receive free cinema tickets to check whether you received good service, the popcorn was fresh and the sound and vision of the film was clear. You might then be able to follow that with a meal out - restaurants provide free meals and drinks for Mystery Diners. On top of this, you will also be paid for your time... yes, really!

  • FREE NIGHTS IN: Many fast food restaurants and pizza parlours regularly run Secret Shopping tests for their home delivery and take-away service.

  • FREE LUNCHES: After your free evaluation of the local leisure centre, treat yourself to a free lunch (whilst Secret Shopping the restaurant of course!) and don't worry about the bill. Yes there is such a thing as a free lunch!

  • FREE STUFF: You'll be sometimes asked to purchase and keep such products as clothes, spectacles, groceries, petrol and car servicing. You will receive reimbursement for purchases.

  • HUGE FLEXIBILITY: The freedom to work when and where you want and as little or as much as you want.

  • EXTRA INCOME: Your new job will earn you spare cash as and when you need it by getting paid for the ordinary things you may be already doing regularly anyway. You will also be able to claim mileage on many of your Secret Shopping trips.

  • CHILDCARE CONVENIENCE: The ability to take children with you on some Secret Shopping jobs. Some fast food restaurants prefer if you take children on the Mystery Shop assessment. Free pizzas and burgers taste just as nice as the paid for ones! Amusement park Secret Shopping visits often require children to be taken along. Don't have children? No problem, just borrow one for the day!

  • WORK FROM HOME: You can also get paid to mystery shop online. Major online companies will pay you to buy things from their website and assess the service you receive.

  • SEE THE COUNTRY: Take a working holiday whilst Secret Shopping.

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    What is Contained on This Page?

    1 Page of Simply Everything Necessary to Find The Best Secret Shopping Jobs

    This webpage leads you hand-in-hand through the very simple processes

    • A simple "fill-in-the-blanks" application plan that will get you started
    • The contact details of well over 100 UK Secret Shopping Agencies that directly employ Secret Shoppers
    • Information about who hires Secret Shoppers
    • Information about how to approach them and how easy it is
    • Information about how to get paid for your opinion
    • Information about how to get discounts and cashback from over 1000 online UK shops
    • The dos and don'ts when working for Secret Shopping companies
    • Information on how some Secret Shoppers double or even triple up on their visits
    • Information on how Secret Shopping can be combined with a holiday
    • How some Secret Shoppers defraud the agencies and their clients and how they are caught
    Thousands of ordinary people get paid to go shopping, eat out in a restaurant or just pop out for a drink. You can join them now!

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    What's included?

    • What is Mystery Shopping?
    • How would it benefit me personally?
    • How do I get started?
    • Questions and Answers
    • Attention to detail will pay dividends
    • Applying to become a Mystery Shopper
    • An example Mystery Shopper cover letter
    • First impressions count!
    • Following up
    • If you are formally interviewed
    • Effort equals results!
    • Mystery Shopping supervision
    • A few bad apples
    • Mystery Shopping Companies that assess websites:
    • Real world Mystery Shopping Companies
    • Online surveys
    • And for something completely different!

    What is Mystery Shopping?

    Mystery shopping, or secret shopping as it is sometimes known, is well established and a very large part of the market research industry. It began in the 1940s as a way to measure employee integrity.

    It is a service used by the top retail outlets, leading entertainment/leisure organizations and banks.

    How would it benefit me personally?

    It will give you the freedom to work when and where you want and as little or as much as you want.

    You'll be able to earn spare cash as and when you need it by getting paid for the ordinary things you may be already doing regularly anyway. You will also be able to claim mileage on many Mystery Shopping trips.

    You'll be sometimes asked to purchase and keep such products as clothes, spectacles, groceries, petrol and car servicing. You will receive reimbursement for many purchases.

    You might receive free cinema tickets to check whether you received good service, the popcorn was fresh and the sound and vision of the film was clear. You might then be able to follow that with a meal out - restaurants provide free meals and drinks for Mystery Diners.

    On top of this, you will also be paid for your time... yes, really! Many outlets also regularly run Mystery Shopping tests for their home delivery and take-away service.

    You'll have the ability to take your children with you on some Mystery Shopping visits. Some fast food restaurants prefer if you take children on the visit. Amusement park assessments often require children to be taken along. Don't have children? No problem, just borrow one for the day!

    You can also get paid to shop online. Major online companies will pay you to buy things from their website and evaluate the service you receive.

    How do I get started?

    Below are the contact details of several companies. Most of these organisations operate nationally for well-known clients.

    Some companies who are local to you may not necessarily have work in your area at this time (but most should) and some companies that are some distance away may have local work, so it is well worth the effort to apply to as many of them as possible.

    All you have to do is to give them a ring or email them and ask for an application form (or apply using their online application form) - most companies will respond.

    Remember to register with as many companies as possible for best results, preferably at least ten. It may be over a month, though often sooner, before you receive your first assignment, but it is worth the wait.

    Several thousand people work as Mystery Shoppers across the UK and, although some turn it into a full time career, most tend to use it as an additional source of income.

    If you are well motivated, organised and disciplined, prepared to work for several companies and can form good relationships with the people who book out the work (rarely turning down work etc.) there is no reason why you cannot earn very good money at it.

    It really all depends on your commitment and, of course, your time. The best jobs are often given to those who prove they are dependable.

    The pay can be very good for the motivated shopper and even better if you are able to accept last minute shops.

    Questions and Answers

    Question: - What is a mystery shopper?

    Answer: - You may already be self-employed, employed, a stay-at-home parent, unemployed or retired. Mystery Shopping is something that bolts on to your existing lifestyle. Whilst acting as a typical customer, a mystery shopper or diner visits a location and performs specific tasks such as ordering goods or services whilst observing sales and service techniques.

    They will also ask the staff questions that are prepared by the mystery shopping company. They might also register a complaint or behave in a certain way. The shopper then leaves the premises without revealing who they are and completes and returns a questionnaire or detailed report by the due date.

    Mystery shops can also be carried out by telephone, e-mail or over the Internet. Tools used for assessments range from simple questionnaires to full-visit audio and video recordings. Although having some experience in customer service is helpful, the Mystery Shopping companies will provide any necessary training.

    Question: -  How much will I get paid?

    Answer: - Fees per visit vary between companies, but are usually between £6.00 and £30.00. Some jobs do command £100 plus, but these are for longer, more complicated assignments such as staying at a holiday park or buying a pair of prescription spectacles.

    Most pay travel and petrol expenses and if you make a purchase you will be reimbursed. You will sometimes be allowed to keep whatever you bought. And yes, that does mean that your food and drink is paid for (and your partner's) when you Mystery Shop a restaurant.

    You may sometimes be asked to perform an assessment at the last minute and maybe even some distance from home. This can often command a greater fee, as you might currently be the only shopper who is available.

    If you let your supervisor know that you may be available, but you'll have to consider inconvenience, rescheduling your time, distance and petrol expenses, you may be offered an increase in the usual rate.

    That said, if you do a favour for a supervisor at no extra charge they may be more inclined to offer you the more popular, better paid jobs in the future.

    When you get offered a job, contact supervisors of other companies and let them know that you are shopping that particular area during that period and ask whether they also have assignments in the same area. They'll usually be happy that you took the time to do so, especially if they are able to book a job without having to phone or email a list of people who maybe aren't in, available during that period or are not interested. They are also sure to welcome your enthusiasm and remember you for future reference.

    It is also possible to take a working holiday by planning a trip and then checking with a few companies if assignments are available in your destination or on route to the area that you plan to visit.

    Question: - What if I get spotted?

    Answer: - This happens very rarely, and even if you are spotted, employees are advised not to confront you about it. In the extremely unlikely event that you are ever questioned whether you are a Mystery Shopper by an employee, simply say no or look confused and ask 'What is a Mystery Shopper?'. You should then report the incident to your Mystery Shopping supervisor.

    The shopping scenario is made as realistic as can be and mimics natural consumer behaviour which can be easily enacted by the Mystery Shopper. Wherever possible, the shoppers will be asked to use their own personal circumstances, as this helps them keep their story believable and consistent.

    Question: - Can I bring children with me?

    Answer: - Some fast food restaurants prefer if you take children on the Mystery Shop visit. Don't have children? No problem, just borrow one for the day. If you do bring young children on an assessment, don't tell them what you are doing as they might mention it out loud.

    Anyone who accompanies you must be aware that they should not talk about Mystery Shopping in case they are overheard. You should also never draw undue attention to yourself in case you are recognised on your next visit.

    Question: - How long does a Mystery Shop visit take?

    Answer: - Evaluations can take 1 minute or an hour depending on the type of information required. Picking up a brochure from a travel agent may just take one minute while an eye test and spectacle purchase can take up to an hour. Most jobs are required to be completed within a range of days and times.

    Question: - How far will I be asked to travel?

    Answer: - You will most often be offered local work, but sometimes asked to travel to other areas where other shoppers are currently unavailable. You can accept or refuse depending on how far you are willing to travel.

    Question: - What type of jobs will I get offered?

    Answer: - You will be working for the well known clients of Mystery Shopping agencies who are normally national or international retail, leisure, restaurant, pub or entertainment chains. Have a look down your local High Street or your nearby retail parks and you will typically see all of the outlets you will be asked to visit.

    These might include a cinema, more than one fast food chain, clothes and sports shops, the bookie, department store, pubs and, only occasionally alas, even a hotel. You do, of course, have the option of declining the offered visit if you felt it unsuitable for you. For instance, if you have never visited a betting office before, you may not be the ideal candidate to assess the service there.

    Question: - How long will it be before I get my first assignment?

    Answer: - If you apply to and are accepted by several companies it obviously increases your chances of obtaining work quicker. You should aim at getting your first job within one month.

    Although very rare indeed, some shoppers report getting offered their first assessments the same day they emailed their applications. This certainly isn't typical. The simple rule of thumb is the more companies you apply to, the greater the number of jobs you will get. Effort equals results!

    Question: - Why is Mystery Shopping performed?

    Answer: - It raises the quality of the service and the goods on offer. Customers complain less than you might think, they often just stop using a particular shop or service and take their business elsewhere.

    Companies and organisations gain an excellent insight as to how their companies perform in the eyes of their customers. This helps reduce complaints and stop customers converting to their competitors.

    Question: - What makes a good Mystery Shopper?

    Answer: - The qualities needed are:

    ·         Honesty

    ·         Accuracy

    ·         Objectivity

    ·         Reliability

    ·         Confidence

    ·         Well organised

    ·         A good memory

    ·         A good level of written and spoken English


    It is important that you follow the Mystery Shopping company's directions and the client's evaluation criteria exactly. You will be asked to make your visits on certain days and at certain times and, if you accept, you must always stick to the stipulated times.


    You should also be able to conduct your evaluation in an unobtrusive manner in order not to be identified. The timely reporting of results is essential.

    Question: - How often will I get work?


    Answer: - That depends on how good the supervisors think you are, where you are located and which clients want work completed in that area. The further you are prepared to travel the better chance you have to be offered more work.


    Having your own vehicle and a flexible lifestyle also count towards increasing your workload. Evaluators are rotated so they never visit the same fieldwork area within a three month period, therefore reducing their exposure to identification by branch staff.

    Question: - How do I get chosen for a particular job?


    Answer: - Evaluators are chosen to work in specific fieldwork area for the following reasons:

    • You fit the criteria and age group laid down by the client
    • You are available during a given time period
    • You have proven your proficiency and reliability
    • You live in the area of, or near the fieldwork area

    Because you live in the area, this therefore reduces the amount of mileage claimed. Those without local knowledge of the area are more likely to choose the wrong route and incur extra costs. It also allows those who wish to use public transport to do so more effectively.


    Question: - How can I get noticed by agencies?


    Want to stand out from the crowd?


    This doesn't always happen, but some of the really popular jobs, such as holidays and flights are often allocated amongst the agency office staff and supervisors first. Only then are the jobs offered to the most professional and reliable shoppers. If you are conscientious about your work there is no reason why you cannot be high on that list.


    Many questionnaires require written comments. These are excellent opportunities for you to demonstrate your ability to articulate the important details of your visits... your chance to shine!


    The more you can include in these comments, the better. Re-read the questions and use them as prompts for even more comments. Be attentive to every detail.


    You should also demonstrate good grammar and spelling. Read your comments out loud and, if a sentence doesn't sound quite right, rewrite it in a different manner. When you've completed the form, check it. When you've done that, check it again. You'll be really surprised at how often you'll spot a sometimes embarrassing mistake the second time around.


    Poorly-written comments need to be rewritten by employers before the report is released to clients.


    Just a few extra minutes working on a questionnaire will make your work stand out. You will be seen to be making an effort above that of others and should be offered more assignments and the more popular and higher paying types of work as a result.

    Question: - Can I do this full-time?

    Answer: - Mystery shopping is casual work and therefore would not normally be regarded as a source of regular income. That said, many established Mystery Shoppers (and very often other family members as well) are in the fortunate position of working as many hours as they can manage, as they are so popular with the supervisors.


    However, most take on just enough to suit their existing schedules - including evenings and weekends. Even existing full-time workers take on a bit of occasional Mystery Shopping!

    Question: - Am I under contract, and what about payments and tax?

    Answer: - You are always free to choose the assignments that best fit your normal routine or working hours. Most Mystery Shoppers are employed on a casual basis as an independent contractor, usually classed as self-employed and are therefore responsible for declaring payments, keeping records of all the work you carry out and paying the tax due.


    This includes all fees and reimbursements that you are paid. Please consult your local tax office or an accountant for information regarding tax payment and allowable deductions.

    To register as Self Employed you'll need to ring the tax office on 08459 15 45 15 or download and print a form at


    Also ensure you ask them about whether you need to change your National Insurance arrangements. This will vary amongst individuals and takes into account other sources of income.


    For those on low earnings you may be interested in the “Certificate of Small Earnings Exception”. You may not have to pay National Insurance contributions at all


    The following form gives information about “Specific deductions: use of home: specific expenses” that are allowable:


    Pay is normally monthly, but varies between companies and is usually by cheque or direct transfer to your bank. For some assignments, you may be required to purchase goods and the re-imbursement will usually be included in the fee or the amount spent will be claimed when the report is submitted.

    Question: - What does a Mystery Shopping questionnaire look like?

    Answer: - Forms vary from company to company and assignment to assignment. They may contain yes or no questions or may ask for marks out of ten for various criteria. Some may ask you to write comments, though not opinions, about what you have experienced.

    Question: - When do I complete the questionnaire?

    Answer: - Never on the premises that are being evaluated. Firstly you might want to write notes in the privacy of a toilet cubicle or dressing room if available or, failing that, make sure that you are a good distance from the business location. Be aware that a member of staff may coincidently follow you out of the store and spot you.

    Question: - Is it difficult to remember all the questions?

    Answer: - Practice making mental notes of the really important answers to questions, especially the staff member's name if they were wearing a name badge. Before you enter the premises, prepare a 'shopping list' of the questions that you think you are likely to forget and practice them a few times in your head just before you go in.


    If possible, always try to use toilet cubicles or dressing rooms to check your notes/questionnaire before leaving. You might also want to carry a small recorder and tape your notes for future play back.

    The more extensive your notes, the better your report will be and the more chances there will be of being offered increased and regular assignments. During the visit and as you leave the building, make as many mental notes as you can and only write them down when you are completely out of sight.

    Question: - Why don't the companies rely on surveys?

    Answer: - This is due to the problems inherent to asking those who have recently bought products in that they don't always accurately remember all the details. A 'real-time' Mystery Shopping event is often found to be more useful.

    Question: - What type of questions will I have to answer?

    Answer: - There will be a huge variety of questions depending on the client and circumstances. Here are just a few common ones to give you an idea:

    · The name of the store either side of the store visited (to prove that you visited the correct branch as some companies have different branches very near each other).
    · Were you greeted within 60 seconds?
    · Was your food hot?
    · Was your food as expected/did it match what was on the menu?
    · Number of employees on duty?
    · How long before you're greeted?
    · Was the greeting friendly?
    · Did the employee invite you to return in the future?
    · Was the service speedy?
    · Was the employee smart and well groomed?
    · Could you find your way around the premises just using the signs?
    · Did labels match items?
    · Did tannoy announcements include any promotions?
    · Were tannoy announcements professional?
    · Was all signage clear?
    · Was music being played at a suitable volume?
    · Was the entrance to the building obstacle free, tidy and clean?
    · Was the entrance well lit?
    · Was the outside of the building clean and well maintained?
    · Was the store temperature comfortable?
    · Were the windows and doors clean?
    · Was the window display eye-catching?
    · Was the window display tidy?
    · Were all bulbs lit?
    · Were all products clearly priced?
    · Were any posters out of date?
    · Were posters in good condition?
    · Were the displays fully stocked?
    · Were the floors clean?
    · Were the floors obstacle free?
    · Were the floors tidy?
    · Were the toilets clean?
    · Were the toilets stocked with soap and tissue?
    · Were the in-store displays eye-catching?
    · Were the opening times displayed?
    · Were the shelves clean?
    · Were the shelves fully stocked?
    · Were the shelves tidy?
    · Were the signs over the doors clean?
    · Were the stock displays neat?
    · Were the stock displays tidy?
    · Were the till displays eye-catching?
    · Did the cashier count back your change?
    · Did the cashier say thank you?

    The companies are looking for objective answers only, i.e. not recommendations as to how to fix a problem or your personal opinion, just the facts.


    Applying to become a Mystery Shopper

    Applications are usually carried out online. Occasionally, but rarely you may have to go for a local interview or send a formal letter.

    Don't say anything on your application that you might regret or is untrue. You may need to support all your claims in an interview. Lies might also surface after you start your employment and lead to dismissal, for instance through late returns of references and qualification confirmation.

    Additionally, employers often contact the institutions where you obtained your qualifications to check veracity.

    If you are required to do more than complete an online application, such as write an email or letter, use Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana fonts as the font has to be easy to read. The size of the text should be between 10 and 12 - any smaller and will strain the eye and any larger looks unprofessional.
    Check the spelling and then check it again. Read it thoroughly and then read it again. Look for as many mistakes as you can find, then ask someone else to criticise it. Ask them to be brutally truthful.

    If you misspell or write illegibly, it is unlikely that you will be accepted onto their database of shoppers. They will think that if you cannot take care at the application stage, you will probably not be proficient at filling in the Mystery Shopping questionnaires.

    If you're going to use email, print it out first and give it to family and friends to read. Asked if you have missed anything important or whether they can find any mistakes. Have fun, tell them you'll give them a pound for every mistake they find… you'll be surprised at how effective this is at flushing out errors!

    An example Mystery Shopper cover letter


    Your application cover letter might look something like the following:

    Your Name Here
    Your Address Here
    Your Home Phone Here
    Your Mobile Phone Here
    Your Email Here (Avoid including a novelty email address such as as it doesn't sound professional)
    Today's Date Here

    To Whom it May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam, (Note that this greeting is not ideal; you should always try to find out the name of the person who is hiring. If you do use "To Whom it May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam" you may want to include the following: "I apologise for the impersonal greeting. I wanted to address this application to you by name but it was not provided online and I was unable to obtain it.")

    I am writing to express my interest in a position of Mystery Shopper with your company and would be very grateful if you would consider my application. I believe that I would be a perfect match for this position. I have good experience in [ ] and my knowledge includes [ ]. I am eager to learn more about this opportunity and I would love/welcome/appreciate (use your own style) the opportunity to be interviewed in person. I can be reached by phone at [ ] or by e-mail at [ ] to set up the interview.

    Thank you in anticipation for your time and consideration.

    Yours sincerely,
    (Sign your name if sending by post)
    Your typed name here

    Your address here

    Your phone numbers here

    First impressions count!

    If you put a lot of effort into your application to get it right, your future bosses will assume that you'll probably put that much effort into your work. A sloppy application is a total waste of time.

    Three piles of applications often form on the boss's desk:


    1. Good contenders, definitely worth a second look
    2. Not sure, but possibly worth a second look
    3. Not worth a second look, i.e. binned


    Think for a minute what the contents of the 3rd pile consist of:

    Bad spelling and bad presentation maybe? Yes, of course. But how about the ones with no experience, surely they'll be in the third pile? No, not necessarily. If an application is impressive enough, a newbie is often employed over an experienced Mystery Shopper.

    All three piles might not contain even one application from an established Mystery Shopper. Companies are always on the lookout for fresh faces anyway as they cannot send the same shopper to the same establishment dozens of times for fear that they may be recognised.

    Also bear in mind that the your future bosses might not even get as far as reading the full content of all applications so make sure you tempt them by featuring the main points about yourself right at the start.

    For example:

    “I am observant, reliable and enthusiastic. I can work alone on my own initiative without supervision.” Be positive; make sure you say what you can do, not what you can't.

    Following up

    Following up after a few days will increase your chances of success.

    If you are following up by phone it is best to say something like:

    "I just called to check that you received my application and if the position is still available."

    Proven telephone techniques:

    ·         Sound interested

    ·         Speak with a smile in your voice

    ·         Make sure that they have your name, phone number and email and use their name more than once

    If you follow up by email or letter write something like:


    Dear Mrs. [ ]

    I hope you don't mind this follow up, I can't be sure that you received my original letter/email. I realise that you have probably already received many applications for the vacancy. I am extremely interested in this position and would love the opportunity to be interviewed. I attach my application for your attention.

    I can be reached by phone at [ ] or by e-mail at [ ] to set up the interview. Thank you in anticipation for your time and consideration.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Sign your name if sending by post)

    Your Name


    Now you've written your cover letter you'll need to attach a CV:


    John H. Smith
    1 AnyRoad,
    AA1 1BB
    Telephone: 0208 111 2222
    Mobile: 07000 111 222
    Fax: 0208 111 3333

    Professional profile and skills:  Example: I am enthusiastic and have extensive experience in the retail sector. I can work alone on my own initiative and without supervision. I also work very well as a team member and always get along well with my colleagues. I have an excellent level of computer literacy and range of computing skills including a good working knowledge of navigating the Internet, Excel, Word and Outlook.

    You might also like to pick some of the following attributes that match your profile:

    ·         Honesty

    ·         Accuracy

    ·         Objectivity

    ·         Reliability

    ·         Confidence

    ·         Well organised

    ·         A good memory

    ·         Attention to detail

    ·         The ability to follow specific directions

    ·         Ability to work independently

    ·         Good at meeting deadlines

    ·         Flexibility

    ·         Good observation skills

    ·         Good communication skills

    ·         Ability to organise and manage multiple projects

    ·         A good level of written and spoken English


    Work experience:
    Job Title 1:
    Dates of Employment:
    Name of Organization:
    Telephone Number:
    Supervisor's Job Title and Name:
    Responsibilities: (Serving customers, managing staff etc.)
    Reason for Leaving:

    Job Title 2: Dates of Employment:
    Name of Organization:
    Telephone Number:
    Supervisor's Job Title and Name:
    Reason for Leaving:

    Job Title 3: etc.

    Qualifications and Courses:(List the most recent first and state where the qualification was obtained or the course provider's name)
    01.01.2008: Customer Care Course at...
    01.01.2006: Staff Management Course at...
    01.01.2000: 3 GCSEs: English, Maths, History at...

    Experience and knowledge includes: (Note that the examples included below are to give you an idea what a recruiter would like to see on a CV. If this is your first Mystery Shopping job and you therefore have no experience, emphasise here that you are very keen and will put in a lot of effort to learn quickly.)
    More than three years retail experience.
    Responsible for point of sale promotions
    Stock taking and stock control experience
    Supervisory experience of 3 staff
    etc., etc.

    Personal Details:
    Date of Birth: 1st January 1950
    Nationality: British
    Health: Excellent, non-smoker
    Languages: Fluent Spanish and basic Italian and French
    Other: Qualified in first aid

    Spare time interests:
    I enjoy playing guitar, attending judo classes and taking part in crossword competitions. I am a keen amateur photographer and regularly play football and golf.

    References and letters of recommendation are available on request.

    If you are formally interviewed

    (Few companies hold face-to-face interviews, but many provide training. Training often comes in the form of a dummy questionnaire)
    We realize an interview can be a stressful experience, but there is help at hand. Read the following tried and trusted tips carefully and be prepared.

    1. Place a piece of paper and a pen in front of you now.

    2. There are few things worse in life than running late for an important interview. Consider setting the alarm much earlier than usual and giving yourself TOO MUCH time.

     It will enable you to arrive a little early and you'll have time to collect your thoughts. Write a list of the things that you will have to do on the morning of the interview and the times that you have to do them.

    Along with the time of the alarm call, write down the time you expect to be finished breakfast, get washed and dressed, get the kids to school etc. and keep to this schedule.

    3. Plan what you are going to wear to the interview well in advance - make sure that you will look smart and tidy with clean, polished shoes. You don't want to be rushing around at the last minute and risk being late!

    4. Try to find out a bit about the company beforehand. Ask family, friends and neighbours and check if there is any information online.

    5. Know what you are going to say to them and try to anticipate the questions they might ask you.

    6. Make eye contact, smile and shake hands firmly and with confidence - first impressions DO matter.

    7. Wait until you're asked to sit down.

    8. Don't slouch in your chair, fidget, swear or smoke. Don't cross your arms, keep them on your lap. Look and be professional.

    9. Keep car keys in your pocket or bag - held car keys may give the impression that you are in a hurry.
    10. Don't keep looking down or away from the interviewer - maintain eye contact.

    11. Don't mumble and don't interrupt the interviewer. Answer questions honestly in a clear and confident voice, but don't sound overconfident or jokey.

    12. Nod occasionally when the interviewer is talking, to show that you are paying attention. Sound enthusiastic about the company and the job.

    13. Ask the interviewer for clarification if you don't understand a question or answer, it could be crucial.

    14. Only after you are offered the position ask more detailed questions about pay, etc.

    15. Thank them, smile and shake their hand on the way out.

    Effort equals results!

    Once you are accepted and are contacted for your first job, there is no need to wait for your supervisors to phone you in the future.


    You can always call them to ask if they have any work available in your area - many will welcome the enthusiasm. You should, of course, expect results that match your effort.


    Many thousands work as Mystery Shoppers - GapBusters alone has over 200,000 shoppers on their worldwide team - and new shoppers are recruited every day, there is no reason why you cannot get accepted if you put in the required effort.

    Initial contact will either be by e-mail or telephone when you will be offered an assignment, which you may or may not accept. The details of timing, location, fees and expenses will be indicated prior to accepting the assignment. Mystery shoppers cannot accept assignments for clients if they, or their friends or family, work for the client.


    Attention to detail will always pay dividends

    mystery-shopping-lookmystery-shopping-listenIf you provide good work you stand a better chance of getting the jobs.

    The "trick" to providing good quality work is to make sure you read the instructions carefully, always bring the instruction manuals with you, and double check your questionnaire when you have finished.

    Remember that you are double checking other people's work, so you should endeavour to be 100% accurate yourself. The client will often ask to see completed questionnaires so they need to be professionally presented.

    Always bring a dictionary with you to check your spelling and remember to write neatly.

    This especially applies to your application forms! If you can't get the application form right, the company will seriously doubt your ability to fill in their questionnaires correctly.

    Mystery Shopping Supervision


    If you have a good standard of education, have been Mystery Shopping for a while and built a strong reputation for reliability you may get offers to become a supervisor. You will also already need to have good relationships with existing supervisors before you are offered a position.


    What does a Mystery Shopping supervisor do?

    • Allocate assignments  and schedules
    • Checking progress
    • Reallocation of incorrect work
    • Updating evaluator files
    • Chasing late arrival of work
    • Arranging accompaniments of evaluators
    • Checking allocation
    • Checking return of work
    • Informing evaluators of scenario changes
    • Pay claim queries
    • Dealing with evaluators queries
    • Dealing with evaluator errors
    • Evaluator recruitment
    • Training new recruits

    A few bad apples


    Discovering the darker side of Mystery Shopping. Find out what some shoppers get up to and how the agencies catch them.


    Skipping questions


    Some shoppers might feel awkward about approaching a member of staff to ask them multiple questions. They might sometimes only ask just one of the requisite two or three questions and make up the answers to the others. The shopper would then record the 'results' positively in the assumption that the employee is unlikely to complain if these unasked questions were recorded as correctly answered.


    That assumption is not always correct. When the employee is congratulated on specifics, he may not recognise that question and, out of curiosity, challenge the evaluation.



    Stand ins


    A Mystery Shopper may suddenly decide that they don't have enough time available to visit a shop and ask a friend or family member to carry out the visit for them.

    Many shoppers have been caught out doing this due to the occasional visits that are queried by staff members who deny what the shopper has written about them or that the visit took place at all. This is consequently investigated and a lot more information than usual about the visit is divulged.


    This information might include details about what the shopper looked like or was wearing. This is especially easy to discover if the other person is a member of the opposite sex. In some circumstances the stores CCTV tapes are viewed.





    Some shoppers believe that after they leave the outlet they'll retain all the details of the visit in their head and only attempt to complete the questionnaire on their return home. This is always a mistake.  When they start to fill it in they realise that they have forgotten to ask a question or record an observation, maybe several. Rather than admit the omissions or return to the outlet, they falsify the questionnaire, hoping not to be discovered.


    Inconsistencies and unusual trends in questionnaire answers can be spotted by both agency proof readers, computer database queries and ad hoc investigations. Outlet managers also have a knack of spotting inconsistencies and then denying they have a service problem, i.e. it's the shopper's bad report and not their own shortcomings. These disputes have a habit of escalating and the facts eventually emerge.



    Too good to be true


    A shopper continually giving the same business/employee an excellent evaluation in contrast to the other shoppers that visit the store giving a consistent poor evaluation. This can sometimes be put down to just pure laziness. It's a lot easier to just say all is OK so fewer comments are needed to be recorded.


    In more serious cases it could indicate collusion between the shopper and a friend who works in that particular outlet. It might just be that the shopper is doing a favour for the friend, but they could be helping them reach their bonus level derived from the Mystery Shopping programme. The results may even determine an employee's raise.


    Again, inconsistencies and unusual trends in questionnaire answers can be spotted by agency computer database queries and ad hoc investigations.



    Non visits


    If a Mystery Shop scenario consists of just a simple employee question, some shoppers might phone the location instead of visiting in person. This is again quite easy to discover when the 'visit' is queried by the employee.


    Many shops will ask you to get a proof of your visit by getting a business card, a receipt or a good description of an employee.



    Incorrect premises


    Some shoppers may visit the wrong branch of a shop in the same town by accident or even visit the nearby Dixie Fried Chicken instead of the KFC.  Rather than admitting the error and loosing their fee, they pretend that they in fact visited the correct branch.


    This can be covered up by the shopper stating that they could not read the name badge of the employee and giving a very vague description of what they looked like. Again quite easy to discover when either the visit is queried by an employee or the manager tries to match an unconvincing description to a non existent staff member.



    Undeserved prizes


    Some employees are given a voucher reward by the Mystery Shopper if they answer a question correctly or did a particularly good job.


    Some shoppers have been known to avoid giving out the prize so that if they are offered that location as a job in the future, they can visit the outlet again knowing that they won't be recognised.


    Some companies get round this by insisting that the unsuccessful employee is given a 'consolation' prize or certificate (so the Mystery Shopper's identity is always revealed anyway). Some, lets say, shyer shoppers respond by giving away the top reward rather than going through any embarrassment they might feel by giving the employee the 'could do better' prize. Unusual trends in prize volumes are easily spotted by the agency.


    Thankfully, the examples above are very rare and the bad apples are usually spotted and weeded out very quickly!


    Doubling up – Right or wrong?


    Many Mystery Shoppers double up on their travel expenses. If they are being paid mileage and if they schedule two separate visits for two different agencies in the same area, they claim two lots of mileages.

    When they get offered a job, they contact the supervisors of other companies and ask whether they also have assignments in the same area that they are already booked for.

    Some supervisors turn a blind eye to this and others don't. If you intend to do this, always check with your supervisors first to establish if this is allowable for their particular agency. Some supervisors are known to encourage this practice as it makes it more likely that a shopper accepts the assignment.

    Mystery Shopping Company that assess websites:

    Although the agency below specialises in online testing, occasionally many of the other agencies have clients who need to employ Mystery Shoppers to test their websites.

    Important: If you intend completing several on-line applications or taking part in paid surveys, we strongly encourage you to download the Google Toolbar first. It will help you to fill out web forms with a click and even keep multiple profiles. It will save you significant amounts of time.

    eDigital Research
    Vanbrugh House, Grange Drive, Hedge End, Hampshire, SO30 2AF UK
    Hampshire SO30 2UN
    Tel: 01489 772920
    Fax: 01489 772922
    Click Here


    Real World Mystery Shopping Companies:

    IMPORTANT:  Please start with the companies on the top of the list below.  Always start with a visit to their website and apply online if directed to.


    Almost every single agency contact listed operates nationally, so it doesn't matter where their offices are located in relation to where you live. Most mystery shopping projects are carried out across the whole country, but you will only be required to work locally. If a company is not recruiting (nationally, or just in your area) at the moment, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will not have jobs in the future.


    Sign up with as many companies as you like. Obviously, the more you sign up with, the more choice of assignments you will have.


    We have supplied sufficient contacts for you to ensure that you will receive assignments. The majority of companies listed are currently recruiting. Please let us know at if any contact details have changed or web addresses, emails or phone numbers are inactive and we will supply you with new details.

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    Retail Maxim Limited
    2 Newlands Court
    Burntwood Business Park


    WS7 3GF
    Tel1: 0845 900 5005
    Tel2: 01543 300600
    Fax: 0845 900 5006
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    Taylor Nelson Sofres


    W5 1UA
    Tel: 020 8967 0007
    Fax: 020 8967 4060

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    NOP Mystery Shopping (GFK)
    King Charles House

    Park End Street


    OX1 1JD
    Tel: 020 7890 9000

    Fax: 020 7890 9001

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    Douglas Stafford Limited
    1000 Lakeside

    Western Road


    PO6 3EN
    Tel: 023 9283 0011
    Fax: 023 9285 2900

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    Business Blueprints Ltd
    Blueprints House,

    27 Richmond Place

    East Sussex

    BN2 9NA
    Tel: 01273 670700
    Fax: 01273 679673
    Register Online - Mystery Shopping and/or Market Research:

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    Optimum Contact Limited
    166 Northwood Way, Northwood
    Middlesex HA6 1RB
    Tel: 08709 502530

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    Bare International Europe (For UK)

    Grote Hondstraat 44

    2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

    Tel:+32 3 242 87 30

    Fax:+32 3 242 87 38

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    Tern Consultancy
    69 High Street
    SY4 5DR
    Tel: 01939 235555
    Fax: 01939 236666

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    2 Sheraton Street, Soho,

    London, W1F 8BH

    Tel: 0207 851 4668

    Information Online at:

    Coyle Hospitality Group (For UK)

    224 Madison Ave #369

    New York, NY 10016

    Click Here

    ABA (Arcadia Stores Mystery Shopping)

    Voucher Rewards

    Tel: 01727 798 376

    Click Here

    Customer Perspectives Limited
    Suite 9, Golf House
    Horsham Road
    Pease Pottage
    West Sussex RH11 9SG
    Tel: 01403 230650

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    React Surveys
    Bank House

    15 Gosditch Street

    GL7 2AG
    Tel: 01285-644144

    Focused Sales Marketing Ltd

    FSM House

    Saxeway Business Centre

    Chartridge Lane



    HP5 2SH

    Tel: 01296 484227

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    IMS Field Marketing Ltd

    Tel: 01302 702 050

    Tel: 0870 701 0866

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    (18 to 20 year olds only)

    Click Here

    Helion Research (For UK)

    2000 Antwerp, Belgium

    Tel: +32 3 298 62 16

    Fax: +32 3 401 70 13


    Click Here

    JKS Mystery Shopping & Training Ltd
    11 Beaumaris Crescent
    Nr Loughborough

    LE12 9PW
    Tel: 01509 561399
    Fax: 01509 561398

    Click Here

    The Mystery Dining Company Ltd

    (Some areas only)

    56 Southgate


    BA1 1TG

    Tel: 01225 470 281

    Fax: 0844 669 6239

    Click Here

    Storecheckers Ltd.

    Back Grafton Street



    WA14 1DY

    Tel: 0161 941 2040

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    Mystery Shoppers Ltd.
    International House
    Waldon Way,


    EX22 6HL
    Tel 1: 01409 255025
    Tel 2: 0845 1664605
    Fax: 01409 255026

    Click Here

    Mystery Shoppers Needed
    The Garden House
    Sulham Lane
    RG8 8DT
    Tel: 0118 9845537

    Long Brake
    Bovey Tracey
    TQ13 9LN
    Tel: 07890 306 516

    Market Research Northern Ireland
    Elmwood House
    44-46 Elmwood Avenue
    Belfast BT9 6AZ
    Tel: 028 9066 1037

    Feedback Mystery Shopping
    105 Upper Malone Road
    County Antrim
    BT9 6UF
    Tel: 028 9087 6807

    Spotcheck NI LLP
    Valley Business Centre
    67 Church Road

    BT36 7LS
    Tel: 028 9086 6502

    Jackson Research Associates

    Yucca House

    21 Whybourne Crest

    Tunbridge Wells

    Kent TN2 5BS

    Tel: 01892 525310

    Fax: 01892 528441

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    Phoenix MRC

    Whithorne House

    London Road



    GL52 6UY

    Tel: 01242 256816

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    Zoo Logical Ltd
    Suite 2 Manor Farm
    Risborough Road
    Buckinghamshire HP17 8LU
    Tel: 0844 8153559

    JRA Research
    Victoria Court
    Kent Street
    Nottingham NG1 3LZ UK
    Tel: 01159 551133

    Mystery Outsource Ltd.
    Wood House
    69 Babbington Road
    Halton Wood
    Bucks HP22 5PX UK

    Kingsbourne House
    229-231 High Holborn
    Tel: 020 7400 1000
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    Mintel International Group, Ltd.
    18-19 Long Lane
    London EC1A 9PL UK
    Tel: 020 7778 7108
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    Chiswick Gate,

    598-608 Chiswick High Rd

    London W4 5RT
    Tel: 0208 742 2211

    MDL Research Ltd (t/a Marketing Direction)
    Mezzanine Office Suite,

    Hurst House
    157-169 Walton Road
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    KT8 ODX
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    Front Line Focus
    Link House

    140 The Broadway

    Suite #12
    Surrey KT6 7JE UK
    Tel: 020 8339 6127
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    Powergirls Limited
    Vine Court
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    Tel: 01306 640980
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    Customer Service Solutions UK Ltd
    Old Chapel Lane
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    Acumen Fieldwork
    Suite 1
    147 Buxton Rd
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    Service Scan
    2nd Floor
    Westminster Buildings
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    MarketChecker Ltd
    Suite C4
    Frodsham Business Centre
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    Alchemy Research

    20 Bond Street


    West Yorkshire

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    Cognisant Research
    Wansdyke Business Centre
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    BMG Research
    Holt Court
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    Saville Rossiter-Base
    36 St Peters Street
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    Survey & Marketing Services Ltd
    Unit 2, Balliol Business Park West
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    George Street Research Ltd
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    WDG Research
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    Adsearch Ltd.
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    Fhios Limited
    The Media Centre
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    PCP Ltd.

    548 Huntington Road


    North Yorkshire

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    The UK Field Company
    Crown House
    72 Hammersmith Road
    W14 8TH
    Tel: 0207 559 1492
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    Andrew Smith Research
    15 Groveside
    Great Bookham

    KT23 4LD
    Tel 1: 01372 817979
    Tel 2: 07910 539988

    Kent - Lake Communications
    Mount Offham
    West Malling

    ME19 5PG
    Tel: 01732 874 054Fax: 0870 870 145

    London - Lake Communications
    85 Chelsea Manor Street

    SW3 5QP
    Tel: 0207 193 3637
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    Global Market Research
    4 The Warren
    Horsham Road
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH17 6DX UK
    Tel: 01444 400542
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    Infinite Field Marketing

    Operations House

    Unit 7 Woodside Road

    South Marston Business Park



    SN3 4WA

    Tel: 01793 829196

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    Matrix House

    Basing View



    RG21 4FF UK
    Tel: 01256 810 988
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    Mystery Customer Evaluations

    Westpoint House,

    36 Buckstone Loan,


    EH10 6UD

    Tel:  0131 624 1348

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    Retail Active
    Sequential Solutions Ltd
    Start Electron
    Fermi Avenue
    Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
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    The Secret Service
    Priory Gardens
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    Tel: 0845 450 5963
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    Maritz Research
    Solar House

    Field House Lane


    SL7 1YW
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    Grass Roots Group
    Pennyroyal Court,

    Station Road


     Herts  HP23 5QZ UK
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    Retail Eyes UK Ltd

    Mount Mill Farm

    Stratford Road

    Milton Keynes MK19 6DG UK

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    Consumer Intelligence

    Canard Court,

    St Georges Road,


    BS1 5UU

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    Performance In People
    The Observatory,

    Westridge Business Park

    Cothey Way,


    Isle of Wight

    PO33 1FX UK

    Tel: 01983 568080
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    Amber Arch Ltd

    Station Lane


    County Durham

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    Blue Apple

    Tel: 01933 316149


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    Quality Eye
    Savoy House,

    Savoy Circus

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    Service Measure
    PO Box 7306
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    Tel: 07980 449 652 Gary
    Tel: 07890 528 026 Simon
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    ASI Outsourcing

    Office 3,

    Ralston Business Centre,



    PH12 8TL

    Tel: 0845 337 3419

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    Insight Retail Consulting

    34 Frogmore Street


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    MSF UK
    Merchandising Sales Force Limited
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    MarketChecker Limited
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    ESA Market Research Ltd
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    London MRUK Research Limited
    114-115 Tottenham Court Road

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    B2B International Ltd
    Bramhall House,

    14 Ack Lane East

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    PMI FM
    Maidenhead Court Boathouse,
    Court Road,

    SL6 8LQ UK
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    MSS Research
    23-25 Coldharbour Road

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    Millward Brown Ulster Ltd
    Aisling House
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    County Antrim
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    Synovate UK
    Minerva House
    5 Montague Close
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    Retail Rapport Ltd (some areas only)
    The Mystery Shopping Agency
    PO Box 723

    Petts Wood



    BR6 1AU

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    BPA Worldwide
    114-116 High Street

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    The Red Agency
    Old Steine

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    Exodus Market Research Ltd
    The Granary
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    Explain Market Research
    48 Leazes Park Road
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    Insight Market Research
    Carlton Place
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    33 Southampton Street
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    Tel:  020 7520 5492

    Centre For Customer Awareness
    2 Hunter Street
    East Kilbride
    Glasgow G74 4LZ
    Tel: 01355 237260
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    IMS Ltd
    Askern House
    High Street

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    Checkout (UK) Ltd
    Trem Y Foel




    LL15 1SB
    Tel 1: 01824 790819
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    Selfridges Mystery Shopping

    London, Manchester and Birmingham Stores

    Voucher Payments Only

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    Blue Star Group Ltd.
    Merlin House
    Mossland Road
    Hillington Park
    G52 4XZ
    Tel: 0845 123 5461

    Headcount Worldwide Field Marketing
    Kestrel Court

    Pound Road

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    Business Measures Ltd
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    CN Research
    The White House
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    Platinum Field Marketing
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    Swift Research Ltd
    Concept House
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    ABA Quality Management
    6 Riverview
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    Assosia Ltd
    Suite 3
    Ripon House
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    The Bailey Group UK
    Photon House
    Old Bracknell Lane West

    RG12 7FS
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    OB Mystery Shopping
    25 Riverbrook Road

    WA14 5UX
    Tel 1: 0161 9621219
    Tel 2: 07929 477275

    Launchpad Research Limited
    Unit 5
    Apex Business Village
    Northumberland Business Park
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Tyne & Wear

    NE23 7BF
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    7 Airport West
    Lancaster Way

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    The Service Monitor Group
    2 Churchgates
    The Wilderness

    HP4 2UB
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    Fax: 01442 875 231

    Taylor McKenzie Research & Marketing
    The Glasgow View
    107 Douglas Street

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    ASE Research
    25 Harley Street
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    Fax: 020 7323 2323

    Alpha Research Ltd
    Oxford House
    112 High Street

    OX9 3DZ
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    ORC - London Office
    Angel Corner House
    1 Islington High St.

    Tel 1: 020 7675 1151
    Tel 2: 020 7675 1000
    Fax: 020 7675 1900

    ORC - Manchester Office
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    Pathway Research

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    Online Surveys:


    Valued Opinions Online Surveys


    Nielsen Net Panel


    And for something completely different!

    Saros Discussion Groups:

    Connecting people - consumers and service users - with research companies who want to explore their views.

    All respondents are genuine members of the public, who are financially rewarded for giving up their time (typically £30 - £50 for 2 hours work) and sharing their views in discussion groups, or participating in surveys. Companies who manufacture products or provide services need to ensure they are meeting the needs of their customers, both in what they are doing now and in planning for the future.


    Similarly lots of organisations, commercial and non-commercial, need to understand public opinion and how this develops over time. Rather than ask their customers directly it is often more credible and effective to use a specialist market research agency to ask the questions.

    These agencies need to be able to consult members of the public to probe their attitudes, opinions and feelings on a whole range of issues. Sometimes they need to talk to a cross section of the public as a whole, whilst at other times they need to focus on specific groups, e.g. those who use a particular product regularly. To make the outcome of the research valuable to their clients, they need to select a range of people to take part who genuinely reflect the target group, showing the normal diversity expected within that group - e.g. a range of ages or ethnicity.

    Why participate in research?: Every day you use products and services in a competitive market place. Taking part in research gives you the personal opportunity to feed back to and have influence over these companies, so that what's on offer in the future will suit your needs better.

    When you take part in a discussion group, you might statistically represent hundreds of thousands of people! This gives you a genuinely powerful and important role in new developments. In the past many groups in society have been drastically under-represented in this area, for example ethnic-minority and disabled people are regarded as 'hard to recruit' and rarely involved in research groups.


    This company aims to challenge this, and give every part of our diverse community a voice in market research fieldwork - there is a sound business case for this, as their clients need to know the views of all their potential customers, not just the obvious majority. But let's put the power and influence on one side for the moment - this is a commercial business, and if they ask people to take time to participate in a discussion group they are financially rewarded for their time and contribution.


    This is a one-off cash payment, typically of £30 - £50 for a two hour discussion. This could be far higher for specialist or business groups.

    Questionnaires etc. are obviously much quicker and easier to participate in, and may be rewarded by entry into a draw of some sort. Sometimes when manufacturers are testing a new product, participants receive samples/supplies, in return for evaluating the performance.


    Most people find they really enjoy participating in groups - discussions are lead by a skilled moderator, everybody gets their say, and it can be lively and interesting, whatever the subject matter.


    Remember, everyone's in the same boat, and the researchers are well aware of this and go to great lengths to make everyone feel relaxed and welcome. And whilst helping to influence the activity of a company or service, you get paid and offered refreshments just for talking! Remember, you will have been selected for the group for a reason and as such you are likely to have many things in common with the other participants.

    What if I don't want to take part?: That's absolutely fine! You will be probably be contacted by email initially, and the easiest thing for you to do if you're not interested is to simply ignore it. They won't keep hassling you to get involved in anything you don't want to. By joining the database the only thing you are committed to is receiving invitations occasionally, you are under no pressure or obligation to ever take part in a survey or discussion.

    If you decide at any point you no longer wish to be on the database and receive invitations, contact them and they will remove your name and all your personal details immediately. They maintain high standards of confidentiality/data protection and will always respect your personal information even if you are no longer registered with them.

    I haven't got time to go to groups - is there any point me registering?: Yes there is - remember you aren't committing to any participation by registering. Surveys/questionnaires might only take a few minutes to complete, and when they're planning a group they always look for people living near the venue first - so it might be easier to join in than you think. In the future they hope to be exploring 'virtual groups', e.g. by videoconferencing, so you could participate without leaving your living room! So we would urge you to register now, and they'll keep you updated about new developments.

    Taking part in a research discussion group - what real people think: "I thought the subject sounded pretty dull, but the moderator made the time whiz by with all the thought exercises and games. When the new ad comes out, I'll tell people I helped choose it!". Ms P., Hammersmith.

    "It was an added bonus to make useful business contacts - the other eight participants were all freelance programmers like myself". C.R., Luton.

    "I'm normally pretty shy about talking in a group, and worried about how I'd contribute, but the moderator made it really relaxed and easy - I found I joined in and really enjoyed myself. When can I do another one?". Mr J., Islington.

    "Actually it was a relief to know that so many other [product] users were having the same difficulties as me. It's not something people talk about, but it was easy once I realised the others were in the same boat". Ms L., Croydon (a medical products group).
    To find our more, go to Saros Research.

    Saros Research Ltd
    2 Lowndes Court
    London W1F 7HB
    Tel: 020 8481 7160
    Fax: 020 7734 1314

    Focus 4 People Focus Groups:

    What's a focus group? A Focus group is a representative sample of people whose opinions are sought by companies who want to know how their new products or advertising campaigns are going to be received by their customers, usually before they embark on expensive product launches. Sometimes political parties will use focus groups to see how their policies might be received.

    Why take part? There are many reasons for taking part, it's great fun, meet new people, have your say about new products, get paid for your time.

    What will it cost? There are no charges to applicants and we do not use premium line phone or fax numbers.

    Who do we work for? Our clients are marketing companies working on behalf of the manufacturing/service companies who need information about their products or services.

    To find our more, go to Focus 4 People.

    Focus 4 People
    Kinetic Business Centre
    Theobald Street
    WD6 4PJ
    Tel 1: 0845 467 1377
    Tel 2: 0845 467 1378
    Tel 3: 07958 109535
    Tel 4: 07949 447499

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    Discount and cashback from UK shops. Join for free and get £5 Welcome Bonus. Shop with over 1000 leading UK Online shops including Currys, Tesco, Boots, Littlewoods, Prudential and more! To find our more, go to eDeals UK.


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    Market Research Interviewing:

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    We wish you every success in this enjoyable work. Good luck and remember that effort equals results!


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